Four Philosophies In Education

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The curriculum philosophy I plan to present focuses on two of the four philosophies. I want to focus on two philosophies which I think I see most often in our current education systems. The two philosophies that come to the forefront most often in education are: scholar academic and social efficiency. These two philosophies have been around for many years, but in my opinion, they are the easier ones to spot as I think back to my elementary and middle school education, as I walk around my school and other schools I visit, and I can see them throughout the curriculum we are provided with. As we look at these two philosophies, I want to focus on some of their history and aims, how they view the student or the child, the learning within
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Scholar Academics are more concerned about the curriculum content. Scholar Academics talk about children’s mind and how through education, their mind can be shaped. The mind of a child can be shaped through education by having it store educational information, and storing memories that can be recalled later in life. Overall, Scholar Academics view students or children as neophytes who are capable of learning and storing information to use later in life. Just like Schiro explains, “Both their memory and reason are considered incomplete but capable of being made less incomplete as a result of their learning an academic discipline.” (Schiro, 2013). This is different a bit different than what social efficiency philosophies think of children or how they view …show more content…
It was not until I attend high school, that I started to see a different philosophy approach come into play. As an elementary and middle school student of Sacramento, I attended classes where we sat down and learned the content our teacher provided. The teachers acted as supervisors and provided feedback, but it was all about acquiring knowledge that would prepare us for high school and college.
As a teacher, I feel most inclined towards Learner Centered philosophy, but because of the curriculum, trainings, and textbooks, and standardize testing, we are encouraged to be Social Efficiency and Scholar Academic educators. The biggest factor in my opinion is standardize testing. Our district is focus on increasing test scores, so they provide us with programs and curriculum that are all geared towards these two philosophies. For example, most of our computer programs are those that fit the description of a Social Efficiency program, where the students receive feedback and are moved forward if they master a certain topic. They are also reward every time they master a topic. Our textbooks are mostly geared for a Scholar Academic

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