Racial Discrimination In Law Enforcement And The Community

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There has been a going problem in our community with law enforcement and their relationship with citizens. Due to a very diverse group of people here in the United States, racial discrimination has erupted as one of the main reasons for police brutality. Scandal after scandal have been broadcasted throughout social media, causing people to dislike law enforcement. This has caused riots/marches to break our throughout various cities in the Unites States. With the “spirit of capitalism” Weber would describe it as the difference between the wealthy and the working class and the restricting striving gains that are presented to them. This would lead to the police brutality, due to the societal-cultural and economic conditions things like this are …show more content…
He would assume that the Protestant (wealthy) class are less likely to commit crime and get involved in police brutality compared to the Catholics (middle/lower) class, who are more likely to be approached and involved with law enforcement. He would explain how, “rather than simply a common – sense approach to life, a peculiar “ethic” is preached here: its violation is treated not simply as foolishness but as a sort of forgetfulness of duty. (Weber: 297)” For most people there first approach is to attack back on law enforcement for brutality not realizing the duty they have at hand. Instead at foolish but ultimately not have any background on the subject, and instead retaliate on law enforcement who’s not the real problem. As a duty, everyone should increase their individual wealth so getting involved in law enforcement ethically wouldn’t be right. This influences one religious beliefs due to class that the things that they desire is worthy through preaching rather than the rational of everything. This ultimately forces humanity into potentially catastrophic forms of social action, especially economically and environmentally, which we see here with police brutality between the community and law …show more content…
It’s a plan by those in control. There the ones that decide the type of entertainment that stays on T. V. and the type of show that are disregarded. In the end, it’s “a cycle of manipulation and retroactive need is unifying the system even more tightly. (Horkheimer/ Adorno:465)” So when the culture industry rants about cop killings, in general African Americans, the amount of brutality tends to rise against law enforcement. People tend to watch a lot of television and other sources of social media and movies, so when they condone police brutality on the law enforcement for their wrong doing they tend to forget about all the great things that law enforcement do for the community. When the culture industry is constantly “demonstrating its power against the very system of injustice it served, (Horkheimer/Adorno: 466)” confining individuals to a social norm. Everyone is provided through the culture industry so that no one can escape and these are things learned at home and propagated throughout an individual’s life growing

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