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The following report provides a brief description of the first five (5) wild things encountered during the exploration of the island currently identified as WTWTA.

The five wild things have been labeled as

• Long-Nosed Sea Monitor (Foundem inwaterus)
• Horned Lion (Leo decapitatum)
• Razor-Toothed Sheep (Ovinus noshaggum)
• Bearded Behemoth (Needus clippingem)
• Ginger-tressed Hairy Duck (Canardus hirsutus)

The current labels are used for cataloguing purposes in order to make note-taking easier.

Long-Nosed Sea Monitor (Foundem inwaterus)

This ocean-dwelling creature seems to keep at least a third of its body above the waterline. Two horns protrude from a head that is covered in blonde hair. The mouth, lined with nine
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Four claws are visible on each of its four paws. As the name suggests, this wild thing has a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

Bearded Behemoth (Needus clippingem)

The fourth wild thing encountered shows a marked preference for walking upright. As with the other wild things described so far, both front and back paws have four claws. The lower body has reptilian-like scales. A black tail of significant length emerges from the sacroiliac region. The upper body is covered with orange and dark-yellow hair that forms an alternating pattern of horizontal bands. The head is spherical with two horns emerging from the head in front of the hairline. If the creature’s face were a clock, the horns would be at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. The nose is thick and broad and does not protrude very far from the face. There is the appearance of an overbite because the twelve incisors hang over the lower lip like fangs. This wild thing’s head and face are ringed with hair giving it the look of being bearded.

Ginger-tressed Hairy Duck (Canardus hirsutus)

This wild thing appears to be the first instance of one of these creatures being amphibious. The feet do not have visible claws and are webbed like those of a duck. As with the bearded behemoth, there is a marked preference for walking upright. The body is covered in yellow hair and there are arms where one might expect to find wings. Each of the

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