Inplant Training Report Essay

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NAME : Nirmal Kumar.D
CLASS : 4 – ‘A’
REG. NO : 10407534

( AAI )


Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) and Automation facilities are the vital elements for safe and reliable Air Traffic Services over designated airspace. Airports Authority of India (AAI) is the Air Traffic Service provider over the Indian airspace. Due to the overcrowded airspace globally, the safety and Reliability of the Air Traffic Services depend heavily on the CNS/ATM systems sustained by the CNS personnel on one side and the Air Traffic
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i. MODE-S data link: It allows for an air-ground data link whose use is particularly indicated for airspace with traffic of high density. It can also operate in a mixed environment, in which aircrafts are equipped with transponders of different data link capabilities to fly.

ii. HF data link (HFDL): The feasibility of using HF data links for ATC communication has been demonstrated The propagation anomalies rarely affect the entire HF frequency band, it is possible with carefully sited system of well connected ground stations with a number of adequate frequencies available in the HF band, to find best frequency for transmission of data packages anywhere and at any time. iii. Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC): It is the means of communication between the controller and the pilot that uses data links for ATC communication. In the area where CNS/ATM routes are built and where airspaces exist, that are outside HF communication range, CPDLC is the primary means of communication supplemented by HF and voice satellite links. Messages may be composed through individual utilization or a combination of upto five message elements for clearance, pre-departure clearance, and message related to ATC. The CPDLC will resolve number of flaws in the existing system e.g. it will provide an automatic data entry capabilities, which will permit ground systems and airborne flight management computes (FMC) to enter

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