Innovations Of Schooling And Technology Essay

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Innovations of Schooling and Technology According to Bill Gates, “Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them…” because technology is an easy and exciting way to engage the mind (Gates). Technology is a learning curve and some students are more comfortable than others. The age old cursive writing class has given way to a mostly mandated typing class in all but four states (Redford). All across America, we are integrating this super source, and it is changing the learning process as we know it. Teachers can use this tool to their advantage to challenge their students to strive for greater achievements. The flexibility of modern technology provides students with the freedom to ascertain concepts at their own pace, the increased ability to retain information, assistance to those with learning disorders and the capability to reduce paper waste. The life of a student has been changed dramatically over the past decade because, unlike before, the younger generation students can learn from the comforts of their home. While attending school is still a priority, the online curriculum opens up an array of different avenues of expanding their education. Students are now free to explore their studies at their own pace and reach out to teachers to gain a better understanding. Free courses online provided by prestigious colleges are used by everyone, young and old, to advance skills out of a necessity for work or…

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