Innovation and Design Strategy Essay

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Samsung Electronics: Innovation and Design Strategy
The case study commences with the integration of innovative design and brand management by Samsung Electronics which started a new trend in the electronics industry. As discussed in the case, initially Samsung was not much popular and lacked design identity but later it relocated itself by: * Improvement in the product development processes * Increasing their investments in R&D and product design i.e. R&D globalization. * By adopting right innovation strategies. * By mastering the less tangible, more intuitive qualities of superior design. * By diversification of products and step by step or continual improvement. * Implementing Global
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Samsung used electronic processes to achieve their vision of leading in digital convergence. The Convergence and integration between manufacturing, promotion & distribution of electronics included releasing, promoting and marketing. This thing helped Samsung in improving: * Brand Image * Helped in product differentiation * Better value propositions or bundle of benefits to the customers.

This graph shows net sales and operating profit of Samsung Electronics 2007

Samsung Electronics’ E-processes comprised of:

The SCM, R&D management and Customer management processes were integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP implementation provided them a wider access to the Samsung Electronics’ operations.
This improved their overall processes and improved efficiency.

Competitive Landscape:

Landscape | SamsungElectronics | Apple ComputerInc. | LGElectronics | Nokia Corp. | Sony Corp. | MotorolaInc. | Product Offered | Consumer electronics(LCD TV’s,MicrowaveOvens, PC’s, etc.) | PC’s, portable music players,Mobile communication devices, etc. | Consumer Electronics( mobile handsets,Front loading washing machines, AC’s, etc.) | Leading Mobile Comm. Company( started as wood pulp producers) | Electronic games,Motion pictures, Financial services, etc. | Mobility solutions, mobile services, cellular comm. Devices ,etc. | Innovation &

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