Essay on Information Systems For Decision Making

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Cyber Security in Business Organizations
Krystal Roberts
CIS 500: Information Systems for Decision-Making
Progress Mtshali


Target is one of the world’s largest big box retailer. They sell all types of goods from clothing to groceries. In the holiday shopping season of 2014 Target was attacked by malware that stole a lot of customer’s credit card numbers. Was Target ready for such an attack? What was the aftermath of the attack? In the following paper I will discuss Target’s fundamental challenges, red flags or warning signs they incurred and the actions they took after the attack. When one of the largest retail hacks in U.S. history happened many people were left asking many questions. How could this happen? Was I affected by this? How can I protect myself? To understand the problem you have to first know what happened. Malware was installed into Target’s security and payments system and its purpose was to take all credit card numbers that were used at all of Target’s stores. This was during the holiday shopping season so it was an optimal time for hackers to try and steal this information. Being a big box retailer you would think Target was ready for this type of attack. Truth is they were they just didn’t act upon the alerts that they received telling Target that there was a problem.
Information protection is protecting a company’s valuable resources such as credit card numbers. This is done by having the right safeguards and security in place.…

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