Information System Management: Information Systems Management In Starbucks

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Information systems management:
Information systems managers are features from utilizing information system in the part of product development, distribution, promotional effectiveness, pricing decisions, and sales forecasting. More than any other functional areas, marketing system depend on outside sources of data. These sources involve competition and consumers. The information gather is also necessary to define the strategies for marketing.
Information systems managers in Starbucks:
Moreover, if information system manager has to make pricing decisions, analyzes the effect of information system like on the Starbucks may take sales data from the past years, and display sales volume and profit projections for various pricing scenarios. Starbucks
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Better information and data regarding on production process has improved the supply chain management strength of the company from sourcing the raw materials such as coffee to the production process and then distribution process to various locations at each level improvement are transported by information.
Security of
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It has allowed the organization to have more effective system a more reactive to the environment. It has also increased its competitiveness with other retail stores. A very modern technology that is used by Starbucks for data to help the strategic level decision-making process is the digital dashboard. In this Key performance, Indicator application is used by the information system manger that provides it data about the key performance of the organization and employees. It shows the performance by showing it on a digital dashboard that shows the progress of the organization towards organizational goals (Dux Raymond Sy, 2008). "It has increased the capacity and store growth by providing effective tools for reporting and monitoring the system by ensuring the stability of functions". Efficiency and effectiveness of employees are more greatly due to the availability of easy to use the portal and easy access to the required data for the operations. Enhanced tools of privacy and document management have raised the data security and raised the functionality. By using information system, the employees are in the position to align the store objectives goals with overall organizational objectives and can generate more quick reports and do analysis from data. Therefore, Starbucks has expanded to more than 18000 stores in 62 countries.
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