Essay on Information Systems Analysis And Design

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COIT 20248: Information Systems Analysis and Design
Term 3, 2015
Assessment 1 - Systems Development

Lecturer: Rajesh Sarin
Tutor: Rajesh Sarin

Prepared by:
Gagandeep Singh Sidhu
Student Number: S0270262 Table of Contents
1.Introduction 2
2. Approach to Systems Development 3
3. Systems Requirements 4
4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis 5
5. Project Schedule 8
6. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques 9
7. Reflections and Conclusions 10
References 11


This report explains the Feasibility study and project plan for proposing new system development to ‘Education in Australia’ (Client) for an Automated Student Recruitment Management System (ASRMS).
By developing an automated Student Recruitment Management System to Client we at ‘Brisbane Business Systems’(Solution Provider) tend to automate Student recruitment business process with the help of web base software system. As Solution Provider we closely investigate and identify key issues of current student recruitment process which include duplication of both paper base and some computer base files, ineffective management of follow up from both student and providers and problem with account management.
Proposed fully automated student recruitment management system schedule would be delivered in 3 months in budget of $50 000 which would further optimise staff operations and capture new market shares by increasing EIA revenue in next 5 years. Economic…

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