Information System Essay

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Chapter 2
Information Systems in the Enterprise

Prepared by: Mrs Sanjana Motee Bedaysee


OBJECTIVES • Major types of systems in organizations • Systems from a functional perspective.

• Integrating Functions and business processes
(Introduction to Enterprise Applications).

• Management opportunities, challenges and solutions


Major Types of Systems in Organizations
• Since no single system can provide all the information an organization needs or serve all of its interests, unique systems are used to handle the differing operational, management, and strategic-level needs. [Figure 2-1]

FIGURE 2-1 Types of information systems


Different Kinds of Systems
• Organizations can be divided into
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However, each of the different kinds of systems may have components that are useful to individuals or groups at other levels of the organization. [Figure 2-2]

FIGURE 2-2 The four major types of information systems

Prepared by: Mrs Sanjana Motee Bedaysee


Characteristics of Information Systems
• Table 2-1 summarizes the features of the four types of information systems. It should be noted that each of the different systems may have components that are used by organizational levels and groups other than its main constituencies. A secretary may find information on an MIS, or a middle manager may need to extract data from a TPS.

Prepared by: Mrs Sanjana Motee Bedaysee


Transaction Processing Systems
• TPS are basic business systems that serve the operational level of the organization by recording the daily transactions required to conduct business, such as payroll and sales receipts. [Figure 2-3, Figure 2-4]

FIGURE 2-3 A symbolic representation for a payroll TPS

Prepared by: Mrs Sanjana Motee Bedaysee


Transaction Processing Systems
• A payroll system is a typical accounting TPS that processes transactions such as employee time cards and changes in employee salaries and deductions. It keeps track of money paid to employees, withholding tax, and paychecks.

FIGURE 2-4 Typical applications of TPS

There are five functional categories of

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