Information System Sucess Essay

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For example, a customer decides to open an account in Bank ABC (Barclay Bank) the name of the customer would be regarded as a data, when all other facts about the customer is collected, it will be process into a more meaningful customer information. Systems on the other hand are coupled or connected group of parts or element working together to achieve a particular goal. For example, the human body, it a system composed of different parts that are coupled together and they work together to keep the human body functioning. With these two definitions in place we can clearly define what Information systems are. According to (Stahl, 2008) information system is a field of inquiry which is concerned mainly with the optimal use and allocation of computer related resources for the purpose of efficient control of business process and good management decision.

Brief History of Information System
Information system is an academic field that was first established in the 1960’s, it originally drew it origins from computer science (Stahl, 2008). The entrance of computers became the beginning of the automation of information processing actions. The ability for computers to work with program instruction gave rise to a new discipline which was called computer science; the capabilities for these computers to handle non-financial activities gave rise to information processing.
The main aim of computers

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