India Infanticide And Its Effect On Society Essay

723 Words Mar 29th, 2015 3 Pages
India infanticide has and is a big topic in India for many decades. It is the killing of girls using selective gender techniques. Whether it would be infanticide or abortion because of economic, financial burden when she gets married, and for spiritual rights that only men can do these were all old Indian ways. India needs to make more laws and new regulatory agencies to enforce these rules and procedures. They do not enforce their own laws now and with no agency, nothing is being done to solve this problem. The problem is one it is unethical to kill off unborn or just born girls, and two there is an imbalance of girl to guy ration. There are about ten percent less girls than guys in India which over time will get larger and larger of a deficit. This will cause fluctuations in birth rate, men cannot reproduce on their own and for the time ten percent will not have significant others. India needs to enforce new laws and start up agencies that will cohere to these new laws and heavily punish all parties involved in selective gender abortion and infanticide. Countries like India practice these brutal ways because of economic class instability, uneducated families, and practices from many generations ago. If you are from a poor family, it is cheaper for you to abort the baby girl than have to pay a bunch of money when she gets married because of the dowry. It could cost a few hundred dollars for the abortion or the woman’s family would have to pay the groom anywhere up to…

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