Essay On Infanticide

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Infanticide is “where a woman by any willful act or omission causes the death of her child being a child under the age of twelve months- (D., 1938)”. That definition of infanticide was created under English law in 1922. The Act allowed for the punishment to not be treated as murder. In 1938 a provision of the Act was created. The provision added more to the original definition and added a specific time span in which the mother kills her child. During the time of the killing the mother has to not be in her right state of mind due to she has not recovered properly (mentally) giving birth to her child. The punishment for this is manslaughter; however, if the mother is proven to be in her right state of mind then it would be considered murder.
Society feels that infanticide is a crime that has two victims. The first victim is the infant and the second victim is the mother. The mother is considered to be mentally ill; therefore,
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“In the nineteenth century in central Asia young girls were kidnapped from their homes and sold into prostitution. Women did not want to raise the child in that situation, therefore, the woman would kill her child after she gave birth”- (Hopskins, 2008). Being a parent is hard work, but parents know what is best for their children. The parent has to make the decision what is best for the child.
Super Patriotism is the political philosophy that can help eliminate the injustices of infanticide. “Super Patriotism is total obedience to the law even if individuals believe that the laws are unjust the laws are still to be followed. There are three arguments for Super Patriotism 1) Parent Argument, 2) Benefactor Argument, and 3) Agreement Argument. Parent Agreement says that the state is everyone’s parent and everyone must follow the parent rules/laws”- (Chesler, Richard Schmuck and Mark,

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