Incredible Growth And Development Has Cultivated From A Monumental Storm Event During The Summer Of 2013

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Incredible growth and development was cultivated from a monumental storm event during the summer of 2013. The first 11 days of July 2013 recorded 20 inches of rain. During the following two days, July 12 and 13, an additional eight inches of rain fell but in a very short period of time. This amount of rain within such a short period of time resulted in a flood of unprecedented proportions for the South Carolina Botanical Garden. The devastation that occurred to the plants, animals, and grounds was of unfathomable proportions. The implausible amount of rain overwhelmed the Duck Pond and caused the water to breach the dam. The newly installed Natural Heritage Garden Trail received the brunt of the raging waters. The mountain meadow just below the dam was obliterated by the rushing water, which resulted in the loss of trees, shrubs, and geogrid trails. As the land began to wash away, concern began to rise over the foundation of the Hunt Cabin (1825) and action had to be taken because the foundation was compromised. Immediate action was taken and a portion of the South Carolina Botanical Garden staff was called in to redirect the flow of water away from the cabin foundation. The group worked to stabilize and secure the integrity of the Hunt Cabin foundation. The fear was that more rain, which was in the forecast, would fall and the oversaturated ground would begin to let the trees lift. With the realization that the trees were lifting, concern began to grow about the…

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