Morality In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a historical book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. She describes her own experiences about slavery and ones that she has witnessed in the past through the text in her novel. Harriet grew up in Cincinnati where she had a very close look at how slavery was. Located on the Ohio River across from the slave state Kentucky, the city was filled with former slaves and their masters. Uncle Tom is a high-minded, hard working Christian black slave to a nice and kind family named the Shelbys. The Shelbys had difficulties with money and were in debt, they had no choice but to sell Tom to a slave trader. Young George Shelby does not want Tom to go but he promises that someday he will buy Tom so he can become free again. Harriet’s novel …show more content…
But even when he feels that he may be done with life and defeated physically by Legree, he does not lose faith in what he believes in. Later that day, he sings a song that rouses his spirits and enables him to continue at his work. Sambo and Quimb, then asks Tom, " 'Do tell us who is Jesus anyhow? Jesus, that 's been a standin ' by you so, all this night!--Who is he? '" (Stowe 412 ) Tom is surprised that Sambo has no idea who Jesus is and teaches him about Christianity and God. Sambo and Quimbo begin to weep, and Tom prays to God for the redemption of their souls. Sambo declares that he does believe. Having no faith at all, Tom can turn his fellow slaves into believing his religion and teach them a little about Christianity.
Towards the end of the novel young George Shelby Jr. keeps his promise in making Tom free once again but is too late because Tom has suffered a lot of pain from being whipped and is now slowly dying. While George Jr. is begging for Tom not to let go, Tom tells him that it is okay because he has won, and the Lord has given him glory:
Don 't call me poor fellow! I have been poor fellow; but that 's all past and gone, now. I 'm right in the door, going into glory! O, Mas 'r George!Heaven has come! I 've got the victory!--the Lord Jesus has given it to me! Glory be to His name! ' (Stowe
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At home, Mrs. Shelby senses that something bad has happened to Tom. Aunt Chloe, Uncle Tom’s wife, still plans for his safe return and waits to share the money she has earned so they can have a brighter future. George Jr. enters and tells everybody that Uncle Tom has died and everybody in the household mourns his passing. Within a month, George Jr. grants all the slaves on the plantation their freedom. Having the chance to leave, they would rather stay and wish to remain on the estate and work. George Jr. announces he will pay them and they will be free to leave as they wish. He always tells them to never forget Uncle Tom and to think of their freedom each time they pass his cabin. George Jr. allows them freedom of movement and that all are

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