Explain The Impact Of Uncle Tom's Cabin On The Slavery Issue

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The Union Falls

1.Explain the impact of Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the slavery issue.
An abolitionist Harriet Beecher wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin the book. The novel illustrated slavery. Even though it was fiction, it is base on the true reality of slave’s lives. This allowed novel was an eye opener for the northern to see how slavery truly was and empathize with the enslaved.

2. Describe the chaos and impact of the events collectively called “Bleeding Kansas” (including the border ruffians, Sack of Lawrence, and John Brown).
The Bleeding Kansas were violent political confrontations. The Border Ruffians were activists from Missouri who were strongly pro-slavery. The Border Ruffians crossed to Kansas to fraudulently votes. In the Sack of Lawrence, a pro-slavery mob
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What was Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction? What did the 14th Amendment do?
Johnson wanted to be the president that reconstructed the Union. He proposed the Proclamation of Amnesty, which gave most all Southern a pardon. The Proclamation of Amnesty did not allowed the Confederate leaders and wealthy planters to be part of the politics. The states had to accept the 13th Amendment and they must disapprove the ordinances of the secession.

4. How did the ”radical Republicans” in Congress seek to stop Johnson’s Reconstruction plan?
The south states realized what Johnson had done so they reacted by the south sending new members to Congress. Southern states had more representation and electoral votes now. The Civil Right Act of 1866 was a very important step in stopping Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan.

5.Describe the components of the Congressional (or “Radical”) Reconstruction plan. What did the 15th Amendment do?
The Congressional Plan was that the South would be divided into five districts. Each district would be under the command of a union general. In order, for state to be readmitted they were required to ratify the 14th Amendment. The 15th Amendment was added and it allowed male blacks to

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