The Evils Of Slavery In Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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There have been many books and papers written over slavery in the course of time making many readers shocked over how the United States was during the time of slavery. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author’s intent was to communicate the evils of slavery by showing the feelings of slaves, how families felt being broken apart, and the different masters of Uncle Tom. Stowe was able to communicate the evils of slavery by showing feelings of the slaves throughout the book. One example of this was shown through the care they gave towards their masters and even the children. Uncle Tom had grown attached to a little girl that went by the name of Evangeline St. Clare (Eva) because she would bring all of Mr. Haley’s slaves nuts, …show more content…
Mr. Shelby had Uncle Tom for the longest time and did not really want to sell him but because of debt he had to in the end (pg. 4). Because of being so trustworthy and one of the strongest among all the other male slaves, Mr. Shelby felt that Tom would be the best one to sell (pg. 39). Once Uncle Tom and Aunt Chloe found out about this, they both started crying (pg. 45-46) and Aunt Chloe even told Uncle Tom to run away with Eliza and Harry. Not wanting to do this because this was his fate and Mr. Shelby had a lot of trust in him, he just fell onto his chair and cried out (pg.46). Not only did the night show how Aunt Chloe feel about Uncle Tom being sold, but in the morning his children also showed their pain by trying to hide their tears behind their hands (pg.112) and Mrs. Shelby also went to their cabin and paid her respects towards Tom and cried about him leaving with Aunt Chloe and her children (pg. 112-113). George Shelby, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby’s son, also went and said his goodbyes to Uncle Tom, and after seeing that Mr. Haley had chained Tom, he threatened to tell his father and to purchase Tom back (pg. 118). Taking Uncle Tom from his family showed a great evil of slavery because of how much suffering was shown through each person that knew him and how it showed him being separated from where he had grown

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