Brief Summary Of The Book Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Mexican War
At the end of the Mexican war in 1848, the United States gained an extreme amount of land. The land consisted of what is today California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Texas. The big issue was whether the states would be slave or free. Henry Clay created a plan in 1820 that would be used to decipher the way the land would be split. This was the Missouri Compromise of 1820. It set a line at 36-30 degrees North, which was the lower end of Missouri. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was the end of the war and forced Mexico to give us the land that was mentioned at the beginning. Anything above the 36-30 line was free and anything under would allow slavery. California became big from the Gold Rush of 1849. Many emigrants
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It is about a slave who went through all these horrific, torturous experiences. The effects were dramatic. The South had to ban the book because of how much it went against their beliefs. The North used it to pull farther away from the South and more tension was created. The book had very detailed information on what true slavery was like. The beatings, hardships, work and all other gruesome details that make slavery unaccepted today were all published in the book. This book seems to have been written on a way to inform political leaders and Northerners of how bad slavery actually is. Informing the people who know little about the problem, was a priority in this book. Why would Harriet Beecher Stow write a book about something she was for or neutral to? She wouldn’t and the Northerners still had little information on slavery. She wrote the book for the good of the …show more content…
This speech had a very memorable and dirty remark. Sumner said that Andrew Butler had a mistress and his mistress was slavery. People went crazy on why he would say that. Preston Brooks, Butler’s second cousin and Representative for South Carolina, was furious. About 2 days later, Preston Brooks took his cane and slammed it into Sumner multiple times. The extent of Sumner’s injuries were so severe, he was out of Congress for 3 years. The caning took place in Washington D.C., where Brooks was later tried and forced to pay a small of $300 fine for an extreme act of violence. He beat a man so hard, he almost died and pays $300. The North hated this. Charles Sumner’s speech only made matters worse between the North and the South. The tension line is only being pulled stronger and eventually will snap. The North was unhappy with Brooks act of violence, even though the South thought he had done good. The tensions grow and grow and the sides grew more violent, especially in

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