Summary Of The Film 'The Hunting Ground'

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The Hunting Ground, by Kirby Dick, was based on the reality of undergraduate students who were sexually assaulted. In this documentary, students told their stories on how they were sexually assaulted and what took place after. Most victims were sexually assaulted by someone they knew. Victims had a fear of reporting their assaults; they did not want to be labelled, nor blamed for their assaults. They also had a fear of being turned down by the legal system as well as the institutions due to lack of evidence. Institutions had no intention to solve these assaults because their reputation would be ‘marked’. Thus, there was a low percentage of expulsion when victims reported their perpetrators. This led to perpetrators committing sexual assaults six or more times. Note that, men were assaulted too but they were afraid to report the assaults more than women. Most person thought, a man’s masculinity prevents him from being assaulted. All the victims felt hopeless because justice was not serve for what they had been true. Some became so depressed they had committed suicide. They felt no one in the system would support them, hence some of the victims created a program for all students who were sexually assaulted to tell their stories. Today, a revolution is taking place about sexual assaults, “More than ninety-five universities are being investigated”. The main goal of the documentary is …show more content…
The Northern Illinois University chief of police, Mr Philips stated that, “Persuasiveness and dominants are two theme that causes sexual assaults. If a person told you they were sexually assaulted, always be of support to them in any way possible, (Ruxton). Note that, some institutions think that their reputation is better than individuals. In order for this to stop, communities need to speak out, (Askins). Mrs Miksys stated that, “Men need to look in themselves and end the violence against

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