The Documentary: The Hunting Ground

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The Hunting Ground

In world, we live in today the need for a college education is at a premium, but at what cost? Per a survey by Cantor et al, “Among undergraduate students, 23.1% of females and 5.4% of males’ experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation” (2015). While these statistics are very concerning, the handling of these cases across college campuses is even more alarming. The documentary entitled The Hunting Ground follows two victims of sexual assault and their journey to affect change on the way universities across America handle these cases. The documentary, gives a very real insight into the lives of those who have been affected by acts of sexual assault. A close analysis of The Hunting
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In some cases, the victims were made to feel as if it was their own fault. In other cases, there was little to no action taken at all. In one instance at Florida State University, where the victims alleged attacker was on the football team, she was told that “the football team is very powerful” as to tell her that she would never win her case or she had no case. The idea that these universities would not try and cover up these cases or infer that it was the victims fault is very much appalling. It is telling the students on these campuses they value money and the reputation of the school over the life or well-being of the students. To further this argument, the website for The Hunting Ground stated, “The filmmakers reached out to the presidents of every college and university mentioned in the film. Two university presidents were interviewed for the film, and thirty-five college or university presidents declined to speak or did not respond” (2015). I understand, not all the presidents from these institutions not wanting to get involved, but with all the egregious accusations surround these universities, how could no more than two presidents want to speak out. I firmly believe that attitudes reflect leadership and if the president doesn’t want to take a stance or speak out against these crimes, the reflection will be that the victims will remain quiet. The lack of vocal presence in regards to these presidents sets an awful precedent for how future issues will be

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