College Rape Essay

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Rape is a silent epidemic amongst many contradicting topics. I say silent because there are a high number of rapes compared to the very low number of reports. Something so obvious can also be oblivious to many especially when an individual isn’t aware that even they can become a victim of sexual assault. It’s so easy to think this way when you or anyone you know hasn’t come face to face with sexual assault. Many of these individuals are college students especially those on or near college campuses that are constantly on the go to attend class, parties, extracurricular activities etc. According to SLC (Sarah Lawrence College), at least one in four women will become victim of sexual assault in her academic career. The level of awareness is obviously …show more content…
Sexual assault perpetrators usually prey in populations where people are new and those who don’t quite know the ropes yet. These colleges may also not know their boundaries, people around campus, and how to hold their liquor. When intoxicated or high on drugs, it is still rape to have sex with that person because their consent is not given. Reporting such a case is challenging especially when you can’t recall exactly what happened. Audrey Logan, a student attending Occidental College in 2010 experienced something similar. She was raped on two different occasions by a young man she considered a friend. She was hesitant about reporting her assault because she was intoxicated when the rape occurred and she was unable to identify whether or not harm was intended. It wasn’t until she spoke to a close friend that she accepted the fact that she was violated and filed a …show more content…
It saddens me that women are living in a world where they aren’t heard, or rape cases aren’t considered a “serious crime,” especially when rape occurs to college students. Raising awareness of rape on college campuses should be a priority especially if the administrators are failing to do their jobs with handling reports. Every case should be reported and every case should be heard. Reporting your can save another student from assault by the same offender. Don’t feed into the silent epidemic that continues to

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