Sexual Assault On College Campus Essay

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Introduction There is a problem that is looming over our society that not every many humans would like to talk about. Some say it is an epidemic, some say it is a women’s issue, others say it is not a problem at all. Just a problem made up by the media. Whatever the masses would like to say about it, the basic terminology is sexual assault or gender-based violence. There has been debate on the type of policies that should be in place for combating sexual assault on college campuses. Every college campus has different sexual assault policies; however, Minnesota, New York and California have many policies for all their colleges. The main issue with policy surrounding sexual assault is no one wants to talk about it because it is very uncomfortable. Another reason why there is an issue getting policy for sexual assault passed is because the humans that are making laws are mainly white males, and the statistics show that one in five women with be sexual assaulted and one in sixteen with be sexual assaulted ("Statistics About Sexual …show more content…
The fact is that some states are leading the fight and some are doing the bare minimum. For example, Minnesota is lacking in their efforts only making policies of about processes that are already being implicated on most college campuses. They are showing the population they are doing something but they are not doing anything. It does help that now all colleges are on the same page, but by making it required to do the training there are faults in this. For example, some students do not take it seriously or they pay other people to take them for them. The idea behind the training is great the execution is lacking. Even when the school makes it a requirement to go to class and do an online training. The teachers that are teaching the classes are not trained properly so nothing is taken seriously or nothing is being learned through this

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