In The Sea There Are Crocodiles Sparknotes

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In The Sea There Are Crocodiles is a realistic fiction book. That was written by Fabio Geda who is an Italian writer that took on a kids story of his life as a refugee.The main character, Enaiat, is a refugee fleeing from his home country, Afghanistan in order to survive. A war had broken out in his country, the Taliban were against anyone who was Hazara, that includes Enaiat.Enaiat teaches the reader that there are many obstacles in a refugee’s life, so we should help by supporting them, working with them, and giving them hope. The first way we can make the world a better place for the refugees is that we need to Supporting them. As the refugees come out of their country and trying to get to a safer place they encounter many optical in their way there is the government, the police, and the weather. To make it to a safer place they have to walk and walk. In the journey many people never make it out of the country. Some of the people who make it out of the country are at risk of being repatriated or being sent back to their home country. In the book there is a lady. Who finds Enaiat sleeping in her …show more content…
We need to work with the refugee’s and give them work to help survive. If there is no one who allows them to work they can’t make much or any money. They will not be able to buy food or a place to rest of a night. They will have to sleep out on the street and worry about having these things taken from them while they sleep. There is a place in the book where a person helps him and gives him work. “It was Payam who went with me to the office for Foreign minors.” (Geta 196) This quote shows how one person who decides to work with Enaiat instead of against him in the way to Italy. But not one person can help every person. All in all we need to work with the Refugee’s instead of working against

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