What Is Inside Out And Back Again Essay

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In the book “Inside out & Back Again” written by Thanhha Lai, is about a 10 year old girl, named Ha, who became a refugee. When refugees flee their homes it’s really hard for them to get used to it, especially when they got so used to Vietnam. When refugees found their new home it was tough for them to fit in and adapt to new foods. Refugees feel inside out and back again by having to learn the language so they can at least communicate with other people. Ha’s life relates to the refugee experience because them all having to go through the same thing. The title of the book relates to the universal refugee experience of fleeing and finding home, by showing us what they went through and how hard they had to work in order to fit in.
When refugees flee home, they had a hard time getting used to the new things that they didn’t have back Vietnam. When Ha fled her home, she felt as if she didn’t fit in due to the fact that no one knew the language. For example, in the book it states,¨We have landed on island called Guam, which no one can pronounce except Brother Quang who becomes
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For example, Ha introduced us to all the things they left behind in order to have a happy ending. It wasn’t all fun and games, they went through so much and all at once. In the text it states, “Mother asks us, ”Should we leave our home” Brother Quang says, “How can we scramble away like rats” Brother Khoi says, “What if father comes home and finds his family gone?” This shows how Ha and her family suffered so much and had to leave so much behind in order for them to have a good life later on. The book, “Inside Out & Back Again”, shows us that war isn’t something nice to go through. There’s many steps that all refugees have to go through in order to be independent again. It’s not easy for them to leave their homes, therefore they’re very brave in accomplishing these

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