Imtiaz Super Market Case Study

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Their story began in 1955, when Imtiaz hussaini’s father opened a kiryana store which was tucked away in an obscure lane in Bahadurabad. In 1978, He made a trip to Singapore and came across the Al-Mustafa Store, which was one of the largest retail chains there. He was so impressed with their business model that he decided to replicate it for Imtiaz. Sine 1955 ISM is providing its customers, the unique shopping experiences in Karachi, the biggest metropolitan cities of Pakistan. ISM is one of its kind modern retail departmental store offering products for everyday use. Imtiaz is located in 5 major areas of Karachi namely as Gulshan.e.Iqbal, DHA, Bahadurabad, Nazimabad, Shahra.e.Faisal.
Imtiaz Super Market (ISM), the Karachi-based chain of grocery
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However, it was also said that if the owners of the store could not manage to come up with their specific parking space, then action would be taken to seal the store. According to the orders issued, residents living in the area near the store have been suffering since the launch of the self-proclaimed biggest supermarket of Pakistan. It has been learnt that Chase Departmental Store and Imtiaz Super Market are the main reason of illegal parking on streets leading to heavy traffic jams on busiest roads of the city, making the commuters’ life difficult. During the peak hours, traffic jams are witnessed particularly in front of Imtiaz Super Market’s Nazimabad branch, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Chase Departmental Store’s Khalid Bin Waleed Road branch and KDA, North Nazimabad …show more content…
Sales-per-square-foot is a popular sales metric benchmark used in the retail sector.
 Working on a strategy of ‘piling high and selling low’, the local chain of supermarkets has been thriving on the back of a growing market segment: the middle class.
 Imtiaz Hussain attributes much of his success to building close relationship with customers and providing the latter with innovative solutions. For example, ISM was the first retail store to process and package rice, wheat flour, pulses and spices.
 Target Audience: This shopping center comes from the middle income segments. Since Imtiaz maintains the product prices are affordable for everyone. The customers are appreciated to choose the quality brand in reasonable price and enjoy the shopping experience.
 Economy Pricing: Due to their sales volume increases, they purchase the products in bulk quantity and this gives them a cost edge over retailers with smaller set-ups who reduce the cash flow to spend in lump sums on procurement. Because they have their own rice and flourmills, as well as an extensive in-house spice grinding, cleaning and packaging facility, they are able to provide these staple commodities at lower prices than the market

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