Marks And Spencer Executive Summary

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Business Management, and Decision-Making Process
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Marks & Spencer
Executive Summary As the other industries, the garment industry is one of the prominent component, where as a country, the leader is China. Marks and Spencer is one of the UK’s large sized- retailer company, which has a stores over the
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In some cases, the problem suddenly occurs in the business, and the way of the leader, will have an impact on the future of the business. If there is an autocratic leader, a business will easily overcome the obstacle, based on the leader’s quick and right decision. However, for the democratic leader, it will be difficult to make a quick and effective decision, because in the normal situations, decision not only taken by the leader, because a democratic leader is listening to others before making a decision. Under the great control, the business will be successful in all cases. There are many successful leaders, who got the highest place, in their business industry, such as the Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and so on. They all operated their businesses in a correct way, and made fast and effective decisions, about the business, and expected the future situation of the business, in the future …show more content…
This company tries to hold its customers, by offering a unique, high- qualitative products, in a reasonable price. Marks and Spencer is doing its best in order to get new customers, by the aiming to increase productivity, and efficiency. This company uses The Board style, which is helpful and useful to make right decisions, about the current situation, and anticipate the future. The company is the largest UK- sized retailer, which holds its place, by competing its

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