Improving Racial, Sexual And Gender Based Diversity Among Technology Companies

1680 Words Nov 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Current attempts to promote racial, sexual and gender based diversity amongst technology companies are beneficial to the health of said companies. Diversity initiatives are important for three reasons: the increased importance of technology in the 21st century, tech companies’ need to support their audience and the enhanced performance diverse teams bring.
1. Tech Careers Are Increasingly Important in the 21st Century
Digital technology is a continuously growing part of American life. The tech workforce is growing to match. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or “STEM,” jobs are projected to reach 8,650,000 by 2018 (Newlands). As the digital technology industry grows, the need for women, people of color grows as well. Technology companies have a social responsibility to ensure these groups, which have historically been excluded from high paying work opportunities, do not face the same barriers in this burgeoning industry.
2. Tech Companies No Longer Reflect Their Audience
Technology companies like Google and Yahoo make products and offer services used by all demographic subsections, not only for straight white men. Specifically regarding the search engine capabilities of these two companies, while Yahoo has more female users than Google, men and women use both websites (Read). Looking at the diversity reports from 2015 for these companies, however, men make up 84% of the tech positions at Yahoo and 83% of the tech positions at Google (Molla). For minority…

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