Essay on Improving People Skills Through Training

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Improving People Skills through Training Kovach once stated: "Managing people is an entirely different ballgame than managing processes or managing the manufacturing of a product…People have emotions, and people have issues. Being able to manage that and manage it effectively requires another skill set than the technical piece of the job. That 's specifically important for new managers."
According to McGroy-Dixon, managers are employees who contain higher skills and knowledge, being able to be the leader and representative of a team. Having skills and knowledge is not the only aspects needed to supervise. To be in charge and supervise is not as easy as one may think; it takes levels of handling more than one thing at a time, making decisions, and fast thinking. Mangona interviewed several other managers supervisors at other stores and noticed that not it is a managers role to make sure daily sales are made, the company is running efficiently, and most importantly, the employees are doing what they should be doing and doing them right. One issue discussed by the president and Chief Executive Officer of Kandor Group, Sheryl Kovach, managers that have little experience have a harder time training employees because the lack of attention of the problem and seek the problem to slowly solve itself. After an employee is hired, managers should go through training, covering all topics, including sensitive or topics that are common sense such as discrimination and sexual…

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