Extracurricular Work Experience

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Throughout my life, extracurricular, and work experiences I have gained useful skills and attributes such as: leadership skills, an inclination towards goal setting, an extremely positive work ethic, the capacity to work well in teams, communication skills, skills in problem-solving, and the ability to actively learn, adapt, and overcome obstacles. I have gained and honed these skills through a plethora of experiences, successfully applying them to jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, and a trade, as well as applying them to extracurricular activities such as wrestling, robotics, national honor society, and volunteering activities.

1. Have you had the opportunity to “lead” co-workers in the workplace? If so, give an example:
I have indeed.
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We make good food, the facilities are kept clean, and the environment is friendly and inviting. The biggest complaint I receive is in regards to the sauce dispensers near the salad bar, running low. This is a minor detail and can be easily fixed by purchasing 3 new dispensers and finding room for them on the metal table to the left of the original dispensers, which is often either entirely clear or lightly in use. This would also allow our employees to continue whatever tasks they are assigned to, rather than lowering the efficiency of their work by constantly having to check the dispensers currently in use. Since I have been working at the dinning center there have also been several large events that we have hosted. They have been fun and I believe that putting in the extra effort to host such events only further improves the positive atmosphere that is associated with our dinning center. I would be more than happy to put in the extra hours to prepare for these events if we were to ever increase the rate of their occurrences, I believe, as would many of my …show more content…
The Student Supervisor’s Job Description includes the following “Abilities”, please read each one and answer corresponding question:
a. Work with limited supervision: please give me an example of your experience in this area
I have worked very extensively in this area, both, as a farm hand, and on my high school robotics team. There was little to no instruction or supervision for either of these activities. My co-workers, teammates, and myself, were expected to complete tasks to the best of our abilities and use our critical thinking and problem solving skills to overcome unexpected obstacles, and report when the tasks were complete.
On a scale of 1-3 (1= not comfortable, 3= very comfortable) rate your comfort level leading others with limited supervision. ____3____

b. Identify, analyze and address problems in a timely, efficient and equitable manner: please give an example how you’ve applied this in your workplace.
Small-scale problem solving is happening constantly on the job. After starting a recipe, I often find that we are either out of or low on a particular ingredient. To solve this problem, Chef Lonny and I often modify the recipe and make do with what is available, for instance, replacing green bell peppers with yellow bell peppers or yellow onions with red onions. This allows for a quick fix that saves the wasting of ingredients already prepared, while only slightly altering the outcome of the recipe as

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