Personal Narrative: Valuing My Life

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For as long as I can remember, I love to help people and I have a true passion for it. I also prefer to use my imagination and be creative. When I took the FOCUS 2 quiz I found that the results were very spot on. for my interest the results came back as artistic, or “the creators”, and enterprising, or “the persuaders”. It goes further to describe me as someone who like the opportunity to create new things and be innovative; also as someone who enjoys competitive activities and describes me as very energetic. The activities that the quiz say that I enjoy that I would enjoy and the activities that i really do enjoy are: photography, painting, designing, and dancing, singing and acting (just not in public). I also have to agree that I do enjoy …show more content…
The results from the test go hand in hand with me valuing my friends and family the most. The quiz showed me that the things that I value most are: altruism, income and prestige. By me valuing altruism mean I do things that is going to contribute for the greater good. I always do things that will have an effect over my family now and my future. By me going to college, for one, is not only helping out my future but I am also setting an example for my younger relatives because I am the first generation to go to college, and by them seeing me in college can inspire them to follow their dreams. I do value income. I work really hard and do my best to get the good grades so I can have a great job so I can have the future where my family and I do not have to worry about money and I do want to become financially independent. The test also tells me that I value prestige. I work really hard and I like my work to be recognized, whether it be at school or in the workforce, any kind of acknowledgement is rewarding to …show more content…
All of these different things have only involved from being a member in student council in junior high to becoming president by my senior year. I have had four different jobs over the course of 5 years. I worked at a clothing department, for a mentoring program, babysitting and my most recent and still current job is working at McDonalds, which I been at for the past three years. By me having a job, I have gain real world experience on how to work with different people. By me working at all these different places that require me to be around people I have learned how to leadership skills. I also learn how to work by myself and how to work with a team. I have also learned how to work efficiently and speedily at the same time. I recently got involved in the Relay for life organization for Bulger Hall. I am will be taking full lead on how our residence hall will do fundraising for this charity. By me taking full lead I will have all the responsibility of handling the money, how to actually raise the money and all the fundraising and promoting of this charity. This will set me apart from others applicants if I decide to apply for grad school and on my resume for jobs. The schools and/ or interviewers would notice that I have great leadership skills

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