College Values Essay

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Emad Ali Professor Rohn ANT 2100 4/12/2016 Values Encoded Within the Culture of College Life Entering college for the first time can be very frightful for most people including me. You need to change your perspective on the way life is to become successful and accomplishing your goal in college. Going to college is unnecessary to most people but to those who do and get a high paying career because they worked hard to get their major fulfilled. These idealized images of the traditional college way to succeed. Most people go to college without scholarships and end up getting a job to pay it off. College is a cultural institution that transmits and reinforces values of community, acceptance and an individual’s responsibility to succeed in the future. As the first of my …show more content…
They want me to work to make money because that’s their ideal logic in life which is sad and I’ll be the first to change that and add it to our culture that says he who wants knowledge in life he needs to fight for it through all circumstances. When you leave this world all you leave behind is your knowledge and that what people will look up to you for. I had to get a job to pay my tuition and help out with the bills because nothing in life is easy and you have to work hard for it. That’s how my values and ideals became to be today. I could accomplish more if I have money to pay off my debts and bills. College leads you to your highest potential and in the end you’re not alone. College life is what makes you become a more educated person who wants to become someone others look up to as a role model. It might be a huge transition for some people, but at the end of your struggle and finding where you belong is what truly matters. From getting good grades to joining groups that aid the community and helping your family builds your character with a background full of values. Thus makes the culture evolve for new generations to accept these ideals

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