Importance Of Training Need Analysis

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1. Pin points the problem - Line operation suspects there is something wrong in a particular area of work but the specific problem is not known or understood.

2. It identifies the size of the problem - A number of problems when investigated are so insignificant or have little effect on work that they are seen to be hardly problems at all or their solution requires minimum action.

3. It identifies the scale of the need - In many companies problem are frequently not isolated to one part of the organization. - A training identification that is applied to a range of departments, selections, sites will identify whether the problem is an isolated one or is a more universal needs requiring a much larger solution.

4) Indicate type of
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Approaches to Evaluation
1. Goal Based Evaluation This is evaluation that is based on objectives. The process of evaluation is essentially the process of determining to what extent the educational objectives are actually being realized.

It involves: a) Collecting a pool of objectives which are focused on the organization b) Screen objectives carefully c) Express the objectives in terms of employee behaviour that is expected d) Develop instruments for testing each objective e) Apply instruments before and after learning experiences f) Examine results to discover strengths and weaknesses in the

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