Importance Of Teacher Student Relationship Essay

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The Importance of Teacher/Student Relationships

Working with students requires the ability to use different approaches in order for the goals to be obtained. As a teacher, you must try to keep your composure, in situations where the average human being may react negatively towards an incident. Always understand what is best for the student, even if you don't get along with particular students. The article Building Relationships with Challenging Children by Phillip S. Hall and Nancy D. Hall, speaks of the benefits and different ways of having an effective relationship with students. The article The Key to Classroom Management by Robert J. Marzano and Jana S. Marzano, offers guidelines on how to control a classroom environment.
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In the article Building Relationships with Challenging Children, it speaks on finding a way to come to an understanding with students without punishment, bonding with them to increase their familiarity with the teacher. This has been linked to bringing forth success within students. When it comes to building relationships with challenging children this may be the only way for students to succeed. As a teacher it is not effective to reprimand students for negative behavior. It is essential to come to an understanding or another approach to get the goal desired.
A key to building a relationship, however, is not punishing the student- ever. Why not? Because punishment strains or even breaks the bond between teacher and student. Punishment may temporarily control behavior, but it does nothing to teach the student an appropriate response. Worse, punishing a student often instills a desire for revenge. An effective response to behavior that threatens health, safety, property, or basic rights does not include doling out punishment. (Hall, 2003,

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