The Key To Classroom Management Analysis

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The Importance of Teacher/Student Relationships

Working with students requires the ability to use different approaches in order for the goals to be obtained. As a teacher, you must try to keep your composure, in situations where the average human being may react negatively towards an incident. Always understand what is best for the student, even if you don't get along with particular students. The article Building Relationships with Challenging Children by Phillip S. Hall and Nancy D. Hall, speaks of the benefits and different ways of having an effective relationship with students. The article The Key to Classroom Management by Robert J. Marzano and Jana S. Marzano, offers guidelines on how to control a classroom environment.
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Marzano and Jana S.Marzano, gives concrete, detail oriented description of how to maneuver or handle several situations with a positive outcome. It involves positive framing, because students are more open to listen to the teacher if they don’t feel guilty or embarrassed for exhibiting negative behavior. Teachers and students should be able to work together to increase chances of success. According to Marazano (2003), “In a recent meta-analysis of more than 100 studies, we found that the quality of teacher student relationship is the keystone for all other aspects of classroom management. In fact, our meta-analysis indicates that on average, teachers who had high quality relationships with their student had 31 percent fewer discipline problems, rule violations, and related problems over a year’s time than the teachers who did not have high quality relationships with students.” (Page …show more content…
In this role, I came across a student named Mohammed that knows how to do his work in most subjects, but disliked Math and chose to misbehave instead of doing his work, because he found the work to be difficult. I noticed his behavior and told him. He may not like Math but he has to pass the math regents in order to graduate high school. I informed him sometimes in life you have to do things you might not necessarily want to do, but you must remind yourself the end goal. Mohammed nodded as if he understood. I revealed as an adult I don't like to pay bills, however there’s no avoiding it, especially when my end goal is to owe nothing. This will provide students with a sense of empowerment, which may make students more liable to listen to their teachers. Students need positive framing. It is not what you say, but it is how you say it. As I build a rapport with the student, I found out he likes cars, and technology. After our conversation about being disciplined in order reaching your end goal, I took time to help with a few math problems on my lunch break, he eventually became comfortable with doing a few problems on his own. After about a month, Mohammed became one of the top 3 students within his math class. It’s important to help students when they have difficulty with something. If this doesn't happen students may begin to develop learned helplessness. The classroom must feel like a safe, welcoming environment

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