Teaching With Love And Logic Summary

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As educators, it is important to understand how to best reach each student’s behavioral issues and needs. Teaching with Love and Logic discusses the Love and Logic approach in solving student’s behavioral issues. This text offers various ideas and solution to conflicts teachers offer experience. Throughout reading this book, I learned some important principles to try to implement into my future classroom. Additionally, there were some topics discussed I do not think is necessarily appropriate for the situation. This book challenged my thinking and allowed me to gain a better understanding of classroom management techniques.

The purpose of Love and Logic enables teachers to form a better student-teacher relationship. The connection is strengthen
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If the teacher expressed disgust or anger or talks too much then the process of this approach will not be as effective. This resonated with me because as an educator I want to make sure I am always expressing Christ-like love to my students. I would never want my facial expressions to convey anger or disgust even if I am upset. This book always reminded me that when dealing with behavioral issues I need to be concise and not talk too much. Teaching with Love and Logic also discussed immediate consequences and delayed consequences. This book discussed how delaying a consequence is the best way to solve a problem because the student will remember his behavior and most likely not repeat the behavior. I personally disagree with the idea of waiting until the next day to give a consequence as the book discussed. I do not think instilling anxiety in my students is the best way to demonstrate love to them. I hope to be able to teach in an urban school and the home lives of my students will not necessarily be the best. I would not want to add to any problems by delaying a consequences …show more content…
Within limits, discipline is a crucial aspect of Love and Logic; but should be viewed as what teachers can do with students rather than what teachers can do for them. When disciplining a student, the student must realize he still has rights as a student and as an individual. If a student believes his rights are being dishonored then he will not respond as positively to the teachers requirements. Having control of the disciplinary situation involves teachers understanding things from the perspective of the student. Teachers need to be aware that a student will try to shift the blame to anyone but himself. Rather than allowing a student to blame shift, he should be challenged with positive interactions. Challenges for students should not result in a winner-loser type of competition, but rather each student should be challenged on an individualized basis. Student success or failure should never be attributed to his self-worth. The reason for misbehavior form a student could be attributed with his home-life. As a teacher, it will be important to be able to determine the reasons for a student’s misbehavior. I think realizing my student’s behavioral issues stem from a home issues will allow me to better use the Love and Logic approach. I hope to someday have the opportunity to teach in an urban school setting and will have to realize some of my students are misbehaving because of something

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