Should Biology Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Extending students knowledge about biology with the help of frequent hands on activities and using the Learning cycle [5E model] to develop interest in the subject In a biology class a student came up to me and asked, 'Miss, why are we learning biology? I don’t find it interesting.' I was not sure if I should answer him or let him figure out his own answer for why he should study biology and how it can be made more interesting. In all my classes I have observed that students learn biology just for the grades they receive. Students don’t study it because it interests them. It is important for students to learn biology in a way that they could make connections with the world. This could only be done when they perform hands on activity for the related topic. In this essay I am going to write about what are the problems encountered by the students when they study biology only theoretically and not practically [Hands on].
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It helps students to become curious and find solutions to problems with little assistance from the teacher. This inquiry-based learning should not only be theoretical but should be practical as well. ''The shift from inquiry based pedagogical practices in the classroom may necessitate a transition from textbook dependency as the main resource of science information to more hands-on approach where students are central to the learning episodes'' [Duran 2004]. The biggest challenge faced in inquiry-based teaching in the class is that the teachers are not able to design lessons that support inquiry-based learning of students. Using learning cycle is the best way to promote inquiry-based learning. ''A learning cycle model divides instruction into various phases based upon an established planning method and is consistent with contemporary theories about how individuals learn, constructivists idea of nature of science, and the developmental theories of Jean Piaget'' [Duran

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