What I Think I Am Doing In School

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Hi, in this following essay you will be reading about how I think I am doing in school. We are doing this because parents can see their kids grades anytime, and they never see our perspective on them. You will be informed what activities I enjoyed, how my social skills can, or are improving, You will see how I am doing in P.R.I.D.E, how my academics are doing, and what I am accomplishing out of school. First off, I will be informing you about the activities that enjoyed the most this year. As you have heard we do many, many, many fun activities in Mr. Dejong’s class, so it’s tough to pick just one, that is why I may have considered more than just a couple. So far this year I have liked the Volcano project, a lot because it is more hands-on, and that is what I find most delightful. I also liked it because we …show more content…
I like to work alone sometimes, but I also like to work with people that I do well with (“hint” “hint” “Alexa”) This year I have encountered many fun projects, like the time we tried to make fire, or when we went outside and built forts, mabey when we had to make a video for Hawaii, because you will perceive that I also like to edit videos and work on computers. Secondly, in this upcoming paragraph, I will be teaching you on whom I look up to, who I work Well with and like to hang out with, also you will be seeing how my social skills are doing. First of all, I look up to McKenna a lot because she is one of the greatest people, I know. She always has her smile on and, consistently uncovers the good in everything. McKenna is the perfect role model for anyone, she has such good faith. She is always there for family and friends when they need it. Second, the people in school that

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