Importance Of Recruitment, Recruitment And Evaluation Of Employees

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Recruitment, Hiring, Training, and Evaluating Employees
Micah Laban
Finlandia University

Effective human resource management and its importance have been documented both in scholarly and other research. This research suggests the relationship between effective human resource management and organizational success. Effective management could increase the likelihood for profitability, returns on assets, and survival. (Barber, 1998)
The acts of recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating employees and resources have been shown to be extremely important to the success of an organization. Recruiting the correct employees for an organization is important for
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It is important for employers to remember that they are not hiring for the job, they are hiring for the organization. Another key component after hiring is the training of employees. When training employees for success in the workplace, it is important for them to choose relevant training programs that can be monitored, evaluated and reported. Training and the growth it can provide for an organization also contributes to the increase of ethical behavior and accountability of the organization. Evaluating employee performance is important because Organizations have developed many different methods for evaluating the effectiveness of employees. Some methods work with a ranking system of employees, some use ratings of individual attributes, and behaviors.
Every step and process from recruiting to evaluating employees is vital to the success of human resource management and the organization. All methods and processes that are implemented through an organization are meant to create the strongest working environments and to produce the best employees for the
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