Importance Of Recruitment And Retention

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Hiring the right employees is crucial in business success. The right employee is an individual with the required skill set and personal assets. It is also important not to limit the recruitment pool by seeking only internal or external candidates, or hiring only when there is an urgent need. Internal recruitment means promoting within the company; external recruitment brings in outside applicants (Bateman, Snell, Konopaske, 2016, p.172). Once a company hires the right people the next step is to retain them. Managers and CEOs, must understand what will make employees want to stay. The correct combination of recruitment and retention is the main job of Human Resources. As an example, suppose a company needs a CPA. The following
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Even in today’s society, where the most sophisticated machines and computers exist, the need for human involvement still remains. The employee represents the most valued resource a business has. Skill set means knowing a trade or position proficiently, developed through education or training. Personal assets are values an individual possesses that the company will benefit from. Desirable skill-sets are: interpersonal skills, communication skills, critical thinking, presentation and public speaking skills, leadership, number skills, and computer expertise. Examples of interpersonal skills, or efficient methods of communicating with others include verbal communication, non-verbal communication, listening abilities, problem solving skills, decision making skills, methods of assertiveness and skills with negotiation. Additional examples of interpersonal skills include sensitivity to cultural differences and flexibility when faced with change during communication. Good communication skills consist of verbal and non-verbal modes of transferring information to another person as well as active listening skills to absorb what others are communicating. One primary example of good communication skills involves not only hearing what another person has to say but also listening actively with verbal and nonverbal …show more content…
Good critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. Effective presentations and public speaking skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing, and generally feeling comfortable speaking to a group of people. The ability to lead effectively is based on a number of key skills. These skills are highly sought after by employers as they involve dealing with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse and build respect. The ability to use numbers and solve problems in real life, such as processing information, interpreting data, charts, and diagrams, explain and understand solutions, and make decisions based on logical thinking and reasoning. Computer expertise is the ability to work efficiently with computers, management of computer software, and the use of computers in professional and personal context. Desirable personal assets involve personal development. Personal Development deals with how individual’s working practices and attitudes towards work evolve. Personal development includes learning to avoid potential

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