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What are Recruiting Metrics?
Recruiting metrics refer to the measurable processes, stages, aspects, facets, and factors involved in the recruiting process. It is what tells you how fast or how slowly the recruitment process is moving, and why. In essence, recruitment metrics are how you can figure out the strengths and weaknesses in your recruiting process (or recruitment funnel).

The Recruiting Metrics to Track:
There are a number of recruitment metrics that you can track. But in order to optimize you recruitment process, there are three main groups of recruitment metrics that you'll need to observe: The recruitment pipeline speed, the conversion rate between recruitment stages, and the candidate conversion rates by the recruiting source.
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In other words, this metric answers the question, “How long does it take a candidate to get through the entire recruitment process and get hired?”

If candidates are taking too long to get through the pipeline, you need to check at which stage of the pipeline the candidates are being stalled at. You will also need to consider if candidates are getting through the recruitment pipeline too quickly or too slowly. For, if the candidates are moving through the recruitment pipeline too quickly, then it's likely that a few unsuitable candidates may have slipped through the radar.

At the same time, if candidates are moving through your recruitment pipeline too slowly or not at all, then you as a recruiter might well be losing a lot of good hires. After all, if you take too long to hire a candidate, they might accept another job offer that comes their way. Plus, the more you delay the process, the more time the business loses without a hire to fill the job's role.

What you need to do here is get to the points which is causing the delay and then consider the data of where you need to loosen or speed things up. And, in the case of too many speedy hires, you need to see where and how in the recruitment pipeline that you need to tighten the
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And just as you need to check the pipeline speed in every recruitment stage (like mentioned above), it is equally important to measure the speed at which candidates are moving between the various recruitment stages as

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