Importance Of Organ Sales Save Lives

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Organ Sales Will Save Lives In “Organ Sales Will Save Lives”, Joanna Mackay claims, “government should not ban the sale of human organs; they should regulate them.”(Mackay). People’s lives should be saved and not wasted by the legalization of the ban of organ sales. Mackay’s sub-claim shortly follows that 350,000 people suffer from the ending stage of the renal disease which causes the organs to stop functioning altogether. Kidney failure is one of the hardest disease to overcome successfully and there are not many alternatives possible treatments for this disease there are only two that we are aware of which are dialysis and kidney transplantation. She feels first that the main issue is that people who are in charge of making decisions …show more content…
The list is long. With over 60,000 people in line in the United States alone, the average wait for a cadaverous kidney is ten long years (Mackay).” This process is very long and drawn out giving these people less of an opportunity to live their lives. It makes it more appealing to go about this the illegal way or settling with dialysis. “Dialysis is harsh, expensive, and, worst of all, only temporary. Acting as an artificial kidney, dialysis mechanically filters the blood of a patient. It works, but not well (Mackay).” This is only leaving you shackled to a machine for the rest of their lives and leaves them limited and unable to fully enjoy their lives because of the excess stress it puts on the body. This issue could easily be resolved and help many more people if the law would reconsider forbidding organ sales.
She goes into that there are many people in the world who are willing to make a profit from selling their kidney. She explains that there are many people in third world countries that are willing to do anything to make money to provide to their families. There is a supply and demand in organs, there are people who need the supply of organs and people in third world countries demand the money to survive. She supports her theory by mentioning “Eager to pay off debts, they

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