Argumentative Essay On Organ Transplants

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You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, so why not take advantage of it. There’s many people out in this world who deserve a second chance, and would do anything to keep living. While there’s many people out there who don’t even care about other’s and aren’t willing to help them have a second chance. Organ donations is the process of giving an organ or a part of an organ for the purpose of transplantation into another person. It doesn’t take a lot to become an organ donor, blood and oxygen must flow through the organs until the time of recovery to ensure viability. Organ transplantation is one of the great advantages in modern medicine. Unfortunately, the amount of organ donors is much greater than the number of people who …show more content…
I’ve read a couple of reading about organ donations and it’s very shocking to see how people think about this when it’s one of the biggest issues in the world. In the first reading I read, they talk about how the first few transplants occur. The first allotransplant took place in 1905 when Eduard Zirm attached sections from a donor’s cornea to the damaged eye of a patient suffering from glaucoma. This was known to be the first human allotransplant. In 1954 doctors at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston performed a kidney transplant from one living twin brother to another, it was one of the first truly successful operations of its kind. The first successful heart transplant took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1967. By the 1980’s, such procedures were common. Over 86 million Americans have register to vote, still more than 100,000 candidates are currently waiting for organs, and many die waiting. This shortage has led to a black market, even in the United States and some Americans have engaged in so called transplant tourism by seeking organs abroad that they cannot find at home. America has an “opt-in” policy: that it’s, individuals must actively decide to become donors. If the individual ends up dying and wasn’t actively a donor then the decision to donate goes to the family. “The persistent shortage of organs has led some to reevaluate the U.S organ donation” (Debate, 605). Because there is so many people who need organs, people are desperate for them they are willing to do anything to get an

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