Compare And Contrast Essay On Organ Donation

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Organ failure and organ donation is a real and serious problem. People all around the world are affected by it. It’s no secret, organs are in high demand and there is surprisingly a shortage in them. The similarities and differences between Organ Sales Will Save Lives and It’s not always wrong to pay people for their organs shows that there is a need for organs, living donors is a good and possible option and donors should actually get paid for donating.
In the essay, Organ Sales Will Save Lives, there are strong points about the shortage in organs and how people are willing to do anything to help them in the long run. People have to wait so long for kidney transplant, they decided to take matters into their own hands and find a kidney through the black market. Individuals who need transplants, are willing to pay an extremely pretty penny so they can go
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Everyone has two kidneys but we really only need one to survive. This idea is based on a thought of what if the donors other good kidney stops working. That donor who was healthy is now sick. The voucher would ensure that the donor got another good kidney. If the donor never has any problems with their kidney but a loved one starts having issues, they can use the voucher on them. This way the donor saved a life and either themself or loved one is saved in the process. A few hospital have adopted this practice, the donors do not get paid but in the long run it is a great help.
Both sources talk about how many people need a transplant or are on the transplant list. The article says the 13 people die a day waiting for a transplant and that 3,000 people are added to the kidney transplant list each day. Over 4,000 people in need of a kidney died in 2014 while waiting for the transplant. Over 3,000 people became too sick for the transplant. The essay states that in just 2000, over 2,000 Americans have died

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