Nurse Leaders Essay

It is important for nurse managers and leaders to understand the characteristics of the different generations in the workplace and they interact with each other. It is important to educate themselves about the generation’s values and work assets, then examine their own managerial styles, all while maintaining an open mind. When leaders are aware of the generational differences and how to merge them effectively, there are fewer conflicts and opportunities for optimal patient care rise.
Work Values and Ethics of the Generations
Traditionalists. Traditionalists are dedicated to the workplace and respect authority. They believe that age equals seniority. They adapted to technology as it became present. Traditionalists expect their coworkers
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Valuing each generation and individual for their differences and contributing strengths to patient care will lead to collaboration of the team in the workplace. This will also help the employee appreciate and respect the nurse leader. Communication and respect are key to bridge the gap between the generations and create a cohesive nursing …show more content…
Effective and appropriate communication among the nursing team will create synergy, trust, and respect in the workplace. It is especially important for the nurse leader or manger to demonstrate appropriate communication for the team to follow in their lead. Skillful communication is essential for making changes needed to resolve generational conflicts. Examples include encouraging feedback and group communication between the different generations prior to making unit-wide changes to demonstrate that each generation contributes important components to the team. The nurse leader should have the team create mutual goals that focus on patient care. When the team can work together to identify mutual goals and communicate, it can bridge the gap between the

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