Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship

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Introduction Therapeutic nurse-client relationship represents the essentiality of nursing. The nurse achieve and maintains this relationship by using nursing knowledge and skills, as well as applying caring attitudes and behaviors to serve the clients health and well-being. The purpose of this paper is to find out more information about therapeutic nurse-client relationship. Also, the paper aims to develop more knowledge for nurses that need understanding how to establish therapeutic relationships and how to differentiate between therapeutic relationship and social or personal. It is important to know as a nurses how to deal with the patient properly with different culture, religion, believe, value, and personal. The paper will include five …show more content…
The nurse has more power than the client because of the authority of the position in the health care system, knowledge, and influence with others health care providers and others. The proper use of power in a caring condition qualifies the nurse to work with the client toward the client’s objectives and to ensure that the client’s vulnerable position in the nurse-client relationship is not taken advantage of.

Characteristics of a therapeutic relationship

A therapeutic relationship is a healing relation between the client and a health care professional. The purpose of this relationship is promotion of the client's health and well-being. There also distinguish different between therapeutic helping relationship and a social relationship.(Table :1)

Helping relationship Social relationship
Helper takes responsibility for the conduct of the relationship Both parties have equal responsibility for the conduct of the relationship
Relationship has a specific purpose and a health related goal. Relationship may or may not have a specific purpose or goal
Focus of the relationship is one needs of the clients The needs of both partners should receive equal attention.
Self disclosure is limited for the helper; encouraged for the clients Self disclosure for both parties in the relationship is
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The nurse-client relationships influence every aspects of the nursing process. The goal of this relationship is promotion of the client's health and well-being. There are five components present in nursing therapeutic relationship. Also, therapeutic relationship have special characteristic and totally different than social and personal relationship. Other findings were that nurses goes through four stages with clients that help to build good therapeutic relationship. In the light of this, it is recommended that nurses understanding the essential ingredients of communication skills includes, always be honest with a patient, be available and responsive, and know patient’s cultural

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