Therapeutic Relationship Essay

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This assignment is to introduce how a therapeutic relationship between a nurse and patient can help maximise the communication skills and behaviours of a nurse, this is to help with a patients experiences and feelings. The National Competency Standards for a registered nurse, which is under standard 9 sub-section 9.1, “demonstrate empathy, trust and respect for the dignity and potential of the individual/group” (Board, 2006) has been chosen to help with the discussion on how to establish, maintain and conclude a therapeutic relationship as a nurse. A patient from the City of Horizon will be used to help as a reflection on how empathy, trust and respect is important in establishing a therapeutic relationship. This patient is Vincent Romero an 83 year old male in Horizon Hospital, …show more content…
When establishing a therapeutic relationship it is essential that a nurse introduces him or herself and makes the patient feel comfortable straight away. Respect, trust and empathy are o=some of the most important values when it comes to establishing, maintaining and ending a therapeutic relationship. When it comes to trust the patient must know that the nurse will do anything for the patient, have the patient as number one priority and know that the nurse will keep any private and confidential information safe. As for respect the nurse must always respect the patients wishes whether it is to do with personal issues or medical wishes they want for the nurse to follow. Empathy is the most important value due to the nurse having to empathise with the patient throughout the whole of the therapeutic relationship; the nurse putting him or herself in the patient shoes to think about what they are going through can do this. A therapeutic relationship an essential need in the nurse and patient being able to get through hospital knowing the patient is going to get the goals and achievement set out to

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