Importance Of My Personal And Professional Goals In College

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As an incoming college freshman, I was very nervous with how I was going to handle school, soccer, and settling in to a completely new environment from home. I realized how difficult this can be for many new college students, and to try and avoid the struggles I may face, I set goals to help motivate me through these obstacles. My personal and professional goals for this school year are highly achievable, as long as I work hard and put in the effort needed. With the help of Marywood’s mission statement and core values, I believe I will be able to reach my goals this year. In the beginning of the fall semester, I set an easier personal goal to attain by the end of it. My goal is to pass this semester as it is my first semester as a college student. In order to do this, I will have to study for my classes more than I ever have in high school, attend class, work hard, and just simply focus on my assignments due. Aside from my school work, I have a lot to balance with school and soccer, which I believe I will benefit from because I will be able to manage my time. Looking further, my long …show more content…
As stated, “The University integrates an enduring liberal arts tradition and professional disciplines to create a comprehensive learning experience. Our undergraduate and graduate programs promote academic excellence, advance innovative scholarship and foster leadership in service to others.” I believe this is going to help evolve my goals, because I am receiving an outstanding education by my professors in all the classes I am taking. I am already learning so much, especially in my architecture classes were I have had very little to no experience with in the past. Learning from my new peers and professors will also begin to extend my own learning experiences due to the diversity of the

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