The Prevention Of Illnession

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What if people took precaution against infection, or had more access to prevention and care solutions that can save lives? As a Biology major at Agnes Scott College, I often thought about the prevention of illnesses and diseases as well as the diseases themselves. My coursework allowed me to understand the study of life and how disturbances in biological systems can influence one’s health. I loved this form of science but realized that managed care plays a greater role in the health care system. Thus, I minored in public health and decided to pursue a master in public health to not only strengthen my research ability, writing skills, and develop new essentials skills, but to also gain the ability to think critically and make decisions that …show more content…
I considered several roles in health care, but after comparing, researching, experiencing, and shadowing some these professions I realized that becoming a PA is exactly what I wanted to do. I have several reasons for pursuing a career as a PA. Firstly, I want to create the plan of action for treatment and prevention. Secondly, the flexibility of the PA profession is appealing to me; I like the option of being able to work in several different specialties. I love to learn new things and there is more mobility between the specialties. Thirdly, I would be able to work autonomously and collaboratively with a team to not only diagnose and treat individuals, but to potentially create a program that targets populations in need. The fourth and most important reason for pursuing a career as a PA is to directly influence individuals in a positive way. My exposure to general medicine and public health has broadened my health care background and can only help me in my future as a PA. I believe that my love for medicine and research come from the same place. I am a compassionate and analytical individual who listens and thinks critically, discover the right details, analyze and form conclusions based on evidence, and communicates effectively. I earnestly look forward to putting my knowledge and work experience into practice. I am confident that I have the abilities to be an effective student to your program and feel that the comprehensive curriculum will offer me the necessary education needed to be a successful PA. It will prepare me for my training and profession, as well as advance my understanding of medicine. Additionally, it will help me to make difference in our health care system. What is being offered is an opportunity that will merge my experiences and inexperience’s, skills, and desires to

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