Importance Of Marketing Psychology In Marketing Communication

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Register to read the introduction… It refers to consumer personality, opinion and decision process, as well as attitude. * Situation variables. This concept addresses the effects initiated by marketers. For example advertising, websites, product package and labels, discount coupons, key places for exposure for point-of-purchase, as well as different types of media such as periodicals to name a few. * Person by situation interactions. This refers to understanding of how people and organizations interact between each other. It also looks at the different ways some people respond in different situations as not everyone act the say way in all situations.

These three main concepts play an important role in marketing communication. Four primary marketing mix known as the four P’s are: product, place, price, and promotion. The main function is to identify and contact target audience to influence their behavior by providing information. Thus, swaying them, and reminding them of the product or service being
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It studies the reasoning of why consumers buy a specific product or service over others and the undergoing process of use, selection, protection, and disposal of it. It explores motivations for satisfying consumers’ needs and the effect these habits have as part of society and on …show more content…
Message entails the promotion aspect of price, products, promotions, and place.
Market communications is considered the engine that compels consumers to buy, while consumer psychology focuses on how and why consumers buy.

Marketing communications and consumer psychology go hand in hand. For marketing communication message be effective, it needs to feed from consumer psychology research. It needs to understand people variables, situations variables and person by situation interactions. In contrary to some concerns that consumer psychology lacks of practicality, this offers great contribution in the field of science. Marketing communications uses marketing mix called the four P’s. Consumer Psychology is considered the research engine and marketing communication is the vehicle that drives the engine.

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