Personal Essay About Sport

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“Goal!” Sports have existed for centuries and people have always associated them with violence and for ways to have fun. While these are both true, sports have also taught me lessons that I can apply towards my own life. Throughout my entire athletic career, I have been involved in Cheerleading and Volleyball. As a senior, my experience in these two sports is over and this gives me the opportunity to contemplate the lessons that I have learned from them. Cheerleading was a fantastic sport to be involved in because of the people and what we valued as a team. I cannot remember one day that me and the girls were not laughing about something. The fact that I had a fun time with these girls taught me that I do not have to be strictly serious in all that I do, but that I can create a good atmosphere with whatever I am doing; because we had such a small group of girls, there was definitely a closer bond with each other. This behavior has affected the way I treat others; I realized that people remember how people treat them. If I can treat the people that I know with value, then I can certainly treat those that I do not know as much or those whom I do not know at all with value as well. As a group, we laughed, helped each other with the dances, and knew that the person next to us is important and this has directly affected how I interact with others. It taught me that the way people treat others matters and …show more content…
These two sports continue to bring special memories to me, including pain, soreness, sweat, the games, the calling of parents to bring something that I forgot, the practices, and the people. They both have taught me many lessons that I continue to apply in my life and I am glad that I can say that I have been a cheerleader and a volleyball

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