Personal Narrative Essay: A Double Sports Life

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Shunterrance Walton
Mrs. Harper
Comp. 1
23 Sept. 2016
A Double Life The double sports life is probably one of the best things to happen in high school. What is better than playing two of the most exciting sports in the school? Well, having those two sports at two different off seasons would be the best. More than likely, with me having an offseason is unimaginable. Playing two sports is not as miserable unless they carry on over to the next one. Do not get me wrong, I love basketball and football, but having one end and the other start immediately is real torture. With them coming in so swiftly, I am always tired and busy, but I always stay in shape. Honestly, these are the biggest obstacles I face after leaving one season and entering the next. Playing double sports is neither complicated nor undemanding, so knowing some of the effects on my life can show some great examples.
Being tired all the time creates great irritation. In football, I am running routes, plays, and after people for about two and a half hours. When I leave practice and get home, I would eat, take a shower, and lay down. Not knowing that I would be repeating everything again the next day. So, after practice when I say, “I am really beat up and exhausted”, I
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Being active in both sports kill me mentally and physically, but it also keeps me in the shape I need in order to do them . With all the running, conditioning, and constant movements, I will not have to worry about being out of shape for either sport. How could I be out of shape and all I do is run, lift weights, and condition? First, think about how many months school lasts. Now, think about how many months football and basketball make up together. With all of those months, plus some days of working out on my own, the words, “I am out of shape”, should never come out of my mouth. Staying in shape is a key to being able to keep up with both

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